Boronia Mo

We were excited to launch a new product to our range – ‘Boronia Mo’ was launched this season for use on peas.

In 2014 we set a target to better understand the physiologies of the yields of peas. During the 2014 and 2015 growing season, we monitored and recorded each stage of the field’s development. Taking numerous samples and testing for nutrient levels, leaf and root disease scoring and the general health of the plants.

Our initial findings showed that our establishment (plants per sqm) were excellent, however the plants were not meeting their full potential, with large numbers of flowers aborting. This lead us to concentrate on the pollination, pod set stage of the crop where we discovered the need for Boron.

Boron greatly enhances the flow of pollen down the pollen tube inside the flower especially during hot weather where we see the pollen becoming very thick and immobile. We also discovered the need for Moly, Nitrogen and Manganese for enhancing the plant health, growth and strength.

During our 2016 and 2017 growing seasons we undertook replicated trials where we used a number of different trace element products on the market. One stood out above all others ‘Boronia Mo’. We believe that the lignosulphate technology developed by De Sangosse is the key.

The 2018 growing season will be another busy one for our team where we will look at more trace element formulations and also aim to conduct some fungicide trials. Research from Europe shows the benefits of fungicide applications in both yields and the quality of the sample. Our aim will be to try different fungicide formulations at different crop stages and show the benefits to our  growers.

A huge thank you to the growers who have helped us along the way, allowing us on their properties to conduct our trials. Without their help we wouldn’t be able to do this work.

For more information contact your Grain & Seed representative.

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