Peas and Beans

Based on the excellent growing soils of the fertile Canterbury Plains, Canterbury Seed is one of the largest and most experienced producers and exporter of pulses in New Zealand, consistently supplying products of premium size, colour and texture.

Canterbury Seed is one of the largest producers of peas for vining and freezing along with market garden and fresh pick varieties in New Zealand. With countless years of experience, we now have multiple varieties to suit all client requirements in New Zealand and around the world.

We provide seed of the highest quality with purity maintained by a strict stock seed selection and maintenance programme, monitored by experienced field staff who are qualified inspectors for disease and genetic purity.

Canterbury Seed Company is also a major producer of all varieties of field peas for both human consumption and animal feed.


Product Range:

Peas (pisum sativum)
For seed:

  • Fresh market production 
  • Processing and canning

For consumption

  • Maple Peas
  • Yellow Split Peas
  • Green Split Peas
  • Marrowfat Peas


Beans (Vica Faba) for:

  • Fresh market production
  • Processing industry

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Stephen Tait, General Manager – Pulses
Phone: +64 27 439 3382

Andrew Lilley, Product Manager – Pulses
Phone: +64 275 114 895