Seed Multiplication Service

The fertile production areas of Canterbury (New Zealand) and Willamette Valley in Oregon (USA) are world-renowned for producing some of the highest quality, most consistent seed production in the world.

Seed multiplication is an integral part of the Canterbury Seed business. With temperate climates coupled with low humidity, both regions are very similarly positioned on the same latitude, but in different hemispheres offering counter season supply and risk mitigation.

Canterbury Seed is focused on the production of various F1 hybrid and open-pollinated vegetable seeds, herbage and forage seeds as well as oilseeds and pulses. Canterbury Seed provides timely and descriptive reports to customers during the growing season and first-rate customer service. Along with top quality producers, we also offer some of the most experienced and qualified seed processing and logistical expertise to ensure that our seed meets customers’ stringent quality standards and is delivered in a timely fashion to the point of destination.

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NZ timings:

Autumn Sowing: February – April

Spring Sowing: September – October

Harvest: February – March

USA timings:

Autumn Sowing: September

Spring Sowing: February – March

Harvest: August – September


Multiplication Crop Range

Bulb OnionCucumberParsnip
Bunching OnionDillPhacelia
CabbageFodder RadishPumpkin
CarrotForage grassesRed and White Radish
ChardKaleRed Beet
Chinese Cabbage KomatsunaSalad Rocket / Arugula
Chinese Kale LettuceSpinach
Chinese Mustard MabunaSprout Broccoli
Choisum Mizuna Sprout Radish
Chrysanthemum Mustard Squash
Clovers Pak ChoiTatsoi
Coriander Parsley Turf grasses


Mark O’Grady, Seed Production Sales Manager
Phone: +64 27 839 9105

Rodger Gundry, Trading Manager
Phone: +64 27 499 9149