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Pacific Seeds News

PAC 343 and PAC 432

“Pacific Seeds hybrids have been a main part of our hybrid mix for many years. Over the last 7 years we’ve been growing DKC57-83 with great results. Last season we grew some PAC 343 and planted and harvested many more acres for our key clients.

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PAC 456 and 624

“Over the past few years we’ve planted a combination of PAC 456 and PAC 624 across 60 hectares with good consistent results. Both of these hybrids perform very well in our local environment, consistently yielding at least 25 t DM/ha. Both are

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PAC 123 and PAC 432

“This last season I decided to try a couple of new maize hybrids from Pacific Seeds, PAC 123 (91 CRM) and PAC 432 (107 CRM). I found that both of these hybrids were big strong plants that tick all of the boxes I expect from a grain hybrid and was

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PAC 040 and PAC 123

“We changed to Pacific Seeds hybrids four years ago and haven’t looked back. I’ve always been happy with the results from Pacific Seeds hybrids we’ve grown, yields are consistently as good if not better than other popular hybrids grown in

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PAC 249

“At Pinehill we milk 780 mix breed cows on 320ha using system 3 targeting 300,000 kgMS. We have very free draining sandy soils which limits growth rates through the summer months. Grass surplus harvested from the run off and milking platform offsets

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